Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Slice of Our lives Outside of School

Today the kiddos were told to write whatever they would like- was their slice! 

I read after dinner I READ baseballballerina And The Snow Dog. -EH

After School I. Played. Ball. PR

On Christmas I got a bike and I had to learn how to ride it because I was scared. CW

Ester day
Ester day
I love ester
the fun hunt we have
is so much fun!  BE

Last night me and my femly ate Ice crem. KJ

On Sunday I read all day and not play.
I read Winnie the Pooh all day.
I read 30. JM

Last night I played Vollyball whith my Mommy. JC

Wednesday I read my ar books and then I lied Down and woch spogbobsqirpas. TB

On Wednesday Mis. Hislly told everyone in school that Beocka and Jayce and I wer pages! KC

At home I plad with my buth and aftrt i bid my hamrck. MT

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