Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Snow Day!

Hello Kiddos!
Snow day today for our school! Remember the story we read the other day about a Snow day? I wonder if our principal is out playing in the snow and if he forgot to call off school until later because he was getting ready to go sledding!
I decided to start this blog so we could stay in touch even when school is out. If your parents say it is ok you can get on here and write to me, do the activities I post, and when we’re in class we’ll take turns writing posts for parents to read!
I hope you join in today and tell all our friends!
Activity 1.
Supplies needed: Long stick, sharpie or marker, masking tape (or something like that) warm clothes.
After you get permission find a long stick (about as tall as you) and a marker or pen.
Bundle up and walk out into the middle of your yard.
Stick the stick in the snow until it’s standing straight up and down (you or someone may need to hold it).
Draw a line around the stick where the snow comes to on the stick.
Go back inside and write the time on a piece of tape then place the tape around the stick below the line.
Repeat every TWO hours until dark or when it stops snowing.
Bring your stick to school so we can record everyone’s data and graph the information we find!
Activity 2.
Snow ice cream!
Ask to make snow ice cream! Write the directions of how you made it, how it tasted, what you liked, what you didn’t. Use lots of adjectives! Bring to school to share!
Activity 3.
Write a poem about our snow, snow day, the cold, etc. A perfect day for a Haiku! Bring to school to share.
Activity 4
If we have another snow day tomorrow check back for more activities! If not we will add our poems, experiences, and findings to our new blog at school!
Stay warm and enjoy your day, I am missing you!

Mrs. T. Klinger

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  1. Kate tried to get on but wasn't able to. She and Jessalyn spent the day together and they played in the snow and made snow ice cream.