Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Slicing Today Reading, Spring, and Fire...

Yesterday was the last day of the reading challenge I wish it wasn't I wish it was on the 30th.

I. Love. Books. Cus. They. Are. Fun. To. Read. I. Got. A. Lot. Of. Points.

Yesterday was osum Wiy Because The Techr Let us read olday case it was the last day of the reading chaling

One day me and my mom and my sister had desert for dener we had pie cake and icecream. BE

Today I was going to do a fire but it was too windy. CW

The reading chowlench is over I am a night you have to get 50 post to be a night. KC

I. Whent. Home. And. Did. Nothing

Yestrd I. Rod my forwilr And Rempt 20 feet off the grawnd. The end.

Today is oh most SpringBrake It is going to Be Fun. JC

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Reflections of Our Weekend SOLC14 #1

we're linking up with the TWT Slice of Life Classroom Challenge! You should too!!

When I went to Lanes house it’s fun he has a Xbox 360 big basket ball goal and horses we can ride sometimes I wish I could ride one. JM

On the weeken I went to my grandma joots and Grandpa corlys we Had Fun. JC

One day me and my sister went down the road to ride owr bickes. I went fas. On the gate you can get on it and push it. It is fun. BE

Monday, March 3, 2014

Oh the Places We'll Go!

Good Morning Kiddos! Another Snow Dayboo hoo. It’s pretty cold out there so bundle up tight if you go out.
We’re missing our first day of “real” slicing and our first day of Dr. Seuss week. Maybe you can spend some time today reading a few of his books and discover the places you can go in his storiesremember reading can be the adventures you may never get to go on in real life.
Tomorrow is “Our many Colored Days and Fox in Socks Day” Wear your brightest colors and crazy socks. And don’t forget to bring all your Dr. Seuss books!
If your parents say it’s ok you can use the comment section below to “slice.” Or you can email your slices to me at and I will add them to today’s post.

Enjoy your SNOW DAY!
 Fun things to do today: 
Make Dr. Seuss a birthday card.
Make cupcakes in honor of Dr. Seuss' birthday.
Write a rhyming book. 
Write a letter to Dr. Seuss telling him about your favorite story. 
Dress up in your circus clothes and build a "big top" 
(tent with blankets) in the living room or your bedroom (with permission).
Take pictures of all you do or bring the end products to school tomorrow! 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

On Reading....and stuff...

I love reading it is fun it can take u on adventures like library's. And acraiams. And zoos. JM

A pencil is 8 inchis sisrses are 6 inchis I unused ruler. LS

I read my 2 books on the bus and my cousin came over and he Read one of my books in the morning he had nothing to read. EH

I love Book
Cus They are fun to read. I got a lot of points PR

It was fun reder.
It was cool reder.
It was osm reder. JB

I like too red books av my vavit books too red Bistut. JCl.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Slice of Our lives Outside of School

Today the kiddos were told to write whatever they would like- was their slice! 

I read after dinner I READ baseballballerina And The Snow Dog. -EH

After School I. Played. Ball. PR

On Christmas I got a bike and I had to learn how to ride it because I was scared. CW

Ester day
Ester day
I love ester
the fun hunt we have
is so much fun!  BE

Last night me and my femly ate Ice crem. KJ

On Sunday I read all day and not play.
I read Winnie the Pooh all day.
I read 30. JM

Last night I played Vollyball whith my Mommy. JC

Wednesday I read my ar books and then I lied Down and woch spogbobsqirpas. TB

On Wednesday Mis. Hislly told everyone in school that Beocka and Jayce and I wer pages! KC

At home I plad with my buth and aftrt i bid my hamrck. MT

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Beautiful Oops!

Yesterday we read the story Beautiful Oops by Barney Saltzberg. At Writing Workshop we wrote our own beautiful oops stories. Today we sliced about a time we had an oops that turned into something good!

Yestrda katelynn brok My duck but seh cood fix it. TB

A dot can turn into a car and a frog a moth can torn into a spiter. LS

On Monday at qite 10 that mense we write story on Monday we rote a story that is named a oops book.    KC

Once I made a mustake I made a tertlebird but I mint to rite. Was a tertle for my mommy and dady Dan and They liked it. JC

On Monday I spilled my drink but my oops was better because I got a nother one. JM

My paper ripped one time then I made it into a beautiful longneck. CW

Monday, February 24, 2014

Trying SOL!

Three slices today from three different Slicers! Look at the amazing things you can discover and see from their writing! I LOVE writing!!!

On the weekend i  played  and   made  mud pies  whith   my  bruther     and  my  sister   we   had    fun   i rily  likt   it. jc

On Saturday I spent the night with my friend Darion we play hide and go seek football baseball tag and power rangers. JM

On Saturday my mom And I whent to Okhomesete and sall my GodMother. KC