Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Slicing Today Reading, Spring, and Fire...

Yesterday was the last day of the reading challenge I wish it wasn't I wish it was on the 30th.

I. Love. Books. Cus. They. Are. Fun. To. Read. I. Got. A. Lot. Of. Points.

Yesterday was osum Wiy Because The Techr Let us read olday case it was the last day of the reading chaling

One day me and my mom and my sister had desert for dener we had pie cake and icecream. BE

Today I was going to do a fire but it was too windy. CW

The reading chowlench is over I am a night you have to get 50 post to be a night. KC

I. Whent. Home. And. Did. Nothing

Yestrd I. Rod my forwilr And Rempt 20 feet off the grawnd. The end.

Today is oh most SpringBrake It is going to Be Fun. JC

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