Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Reflections of Our Weekend SOLC14 #1

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When I went to Lanes house it’s fun he has a Xbox 360 big basket ball goal and horses we can ride sometimes I wish I could ride one. JM

On the weeken I went to my grandma joots and Grandpa corlys we Had Fun. JC

One day me and my sister went down the road to ride owr bickes. I went fas. On the gate you can get on it and push it. It is fun. BE


  1. How fun! Xbox, a trip to the grandparent's and bike riding. Those are all great things to write about. Nice work!

  2. JM - I love horses!
    JC - It's always fun to visit grandparents!
    BE - I named my bike "Daisy" and pretended it was a horse!